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pages from The Dictionary, ©2005
pages from The Dictionary, ©2005     

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Responses to the  Dictionary . . .

"New Standard and Movable Dictionary of the American Language, Abridged Edition"  is wonderful, funny, dark and indignant, and right on target!!  You have so successfully used materials  and the (movable parts) format to serve your message.  If only the sense of discovery and revelation, which you create in your book, had been experienced, at the very least, two years ago by a few million citizens!"

Roberta Waddell, Former Curator of Prints, NY Public Library

"a classic work . . .  a thought-provoking, engaging and well-crafted book."   Ed Hutchins, Curator and Book Artist



DELUXE edition of  Professor Pinkerton's Pop-Up Library, ©2009
Professor Pinkerton's Pop-Up  Library: A Peek Into the Modern Age
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pages from The Dictionary, ©2005
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