Amee J. Pollack
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Modern Home & Garden
Modern Home & Garden      [ Buy ]

Spitz & Pollack Artists' Books

Modern Home & Garden,  ©2006, edition of 25.

A tongue-in-cheek look at the values of modern urban life. A luxury condominium dwelling unfolds and grows from a colorful extending pop-up book whose text extols the virtues of triple-mint living while the garden book beside it opens in artificial collaged absurdity. Both miniature structures are housed inside a hand-designed clear mylar box with plexiglass cubed feet.

Modern Home: Hardbound laser-printed, double-sided accordion with 8 projections, hand engineered and assembled. Garden: Hardbound, hand woven and collaged with batik cover and metal paperclips. Soft cover paper case.

Laurie's alma mater:;prevRouteTS=1613467638712

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Modern Home & Garden
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